So Now It’s Almost November


And I still haven’t been on a boat.  Or made a lot of time to write.


We all know I love lists.  So what have I done since my last post??  Shall we see???

  • Made probably 14 healthy dinners
  • Made like 10 decent breakfasts
  • Hosted a stupid birthday party with 65 people inside because it rained even though there was a 30% chance that it would NOT RAIN (I did a terrible job fyi)
  • Colored my hair twice, for better or worse
  • Hosted my brother and my cousin and her daughter (with varying amounts of awesome (Kimberly, you were the highest amount of awesome)
  • Vacuumed like probably 50 times
  • Given four flea treatments (to cats)
  • Washed and folded at least 20 loads of laundry, not counting kitchen rugs
  • Consumed 5-6 bottles of wine and a bit more beer
  • Kept 5 children alive (with help)
  • Discovered Game of Thrones (Khaleeeeessssiiiiii!!!!!)
  • Yoga like AT LEAST five times
  • And tonight we carved pumpkins and I think it almost killed me
  • Wrote a blog post one time
  • Thought of concrete, real-life actions I could take to progress my life goals
  • Almost did like one of them

As you can see, I have been very busy.  And now I’m going to get some rest before I need to find more tea light candles for the pumpkins tomorrow night.



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