That In-Ground-Zero-Entry Pool is Right Around the Corner


Luxurious Summer Yard Living

Every summer we get the $20 inflatable K-Mart special pool and indulge in it relentlessly until it is full of holes and useless, and then we send it to its landfill home sometime in September.  Because what is more American than disposable plastic entertainment?  We got this year’s model on Sunday.

At some point it’s always hot enough that even Nick and I lounge in it after bedtime, usually drinking cheap beer, taking a moment to look around the yard and contemplate all the effort we would put into making it look less like an urban jungle if we had the time.  Rosie and her friend were ‘swimming’ in it after school today.  Nothing is more adorable, as a parent, than your 13-year-old and her friend wearing goggles and cute teen girl bathing suits in a kiddie pool.

This is (most likely/God willing) my last summer with a little baby at home.  Time goes so quickly now.  Regardless of living with the haze of exhaustion and stacks of to-do lists, I have with an acute awareness of the need to appreciate these silly things.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very much looking forward to finishing that last Dark Tower novel that I started WHEN I WAS PREGNANT FOR JUNIPER (who is now 8 mos old), but also, I know now to enjoy at least a few dips in the water with the babies crawling all over me and splashing my hair and face, without rushing or scolding.

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404 Not Found

13 was just a blank page tonight. No error from the host company, no page misdirect.  In several browsers (ok I checked two) there was only blank space.  For almost FIVE WHOLE MINUTES I trouble shooted (shot??) but I decided I could probably just maually delete all of those old files and start fresh.

I feel like every day lately I yank on the starter cord for my life, getting that engine to noisily roar to life, and then wince as it dies back out.  Am I out of gasoline?  Do I need oil?  Am I just old and who knows what machinery isn’t working properly?  I’m sincerely not sure, but I can’t just let the entire lawn go to shit.  So here is another little jump start.

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